Upping your brow game

March 19, 2018

Transform your bald brows to full, perfect, natural-looking glamazon brows in just a few minutes. 




Having perfect brows naturally would be great, but basically nobody has the level of perfect brows that are soooo popular right now. For all of us who either lost our brows to alopecia, or plucked them so much in the early 2000s they never came back – makeup is our best friend. And it seems you don't need to be a professional and certified Kardashian makeup artist to make it happen. 


I’ve never really understood how people can create these peeeerfect brows, but after researching tutorials I’ve watched A LOT of people creating these full, beautiful brows, and it seems like anyone can do this. It just takes practice! No matter if you have some hair, or none, it is possible to draw perfect brows with the right amount of practice and a few good products.


According to my favourite tutorial, it’s actually a good thing to have “bald brows”, because you are free to shape them as you want. Yay!


Watch, learn, and try for yourself: 



Now excuse me I have to go practice drawing my eyebrows for a few hours! Byyyye




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