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January 23, 2017

It can be difficult going to the hairdresser when you're dealing with hair loss. But what's the professional opinion? Girlsoverhair asked Siri, hairdresser and makeup artist for some inside info.  




For me, going to the hairdresser has been one of the things I’ve found most difficult after losing hair. It’s like letting someone look into your fridge seeing how much unhealthy stuff is in there, or seeing how well you did on a test, or checking under your bed seeing that you didn’t clean under there for months. It’s become something super personal and uncomfortable. 


I’ve now gone to several different hairdressers after I lost my hair, and found out that it isn’t actually a bad experience. I mean, these people work with all types of hair every single day. Alopecia is very common, and the most important thing to do when you sit down in the chair is to tell your hair dresser about it.


This way, they can make sure that they take bald spots, thin hair or irregular hair lines into consideration. I haven’t met any hairdresser that has been weird about my hair loss. If anything, they have been understanding and nice, and taken care of that my new hair style is suitable and style my hair so that my spots doesn’t show. 


Girlsoverhair's favourite hairdresser and makeup artist, Siri, shares some inside info from a hairdresser's perspective:


Booking the appointment 

- It’s not necessary to mention hair loss problems prior to your appointment. However, you can always ask beforehand if it’s possible to sit in a more private area of the salon. This might make you more comfortable during your appointment.



Tell them about your problem

- Alopecia and other hair loss problems are completely normal, and there is no reason to worry about telling your hairdresser about it. This is something all hairdressers learn about in their training and education. In addition, most likely they have already encountered people with hair loss problems several times in their career.



Don't worry about it - they've seen it before

- There’s no need to feel embarrassed or scared when going to the hairdresser. To us, hair is the most natural thing in the world. We are hairdressers because we love to make people feel good and look good! We have lots of tips and tricks to make your cut and styling as good as possible. And we can offer the most suitable products to make your hair look great no matter what kind of problems you are facing.



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