Let's Talk Female Hair Loss, Ladies!

January 25, 2016

Female hair loss - a daily struggle for millions of girls and women all over the world.



Female hair loss seems to be a new phenomenon, as we suddenly start seeing high numbers of girls and women experiencing it. However, most women experiencing hair loss suffer in silence. So we really don’t know for sure how many women, for how long (probably forever?) have been experiencing finding bald spots and seeing their scalp through their thinning hair.


Female hair loss: 8 million in UK, 30 million in US

The Telegraph explains that approximately 8 million women in the UK suffer from hair loss. And in an article by previous beauty editor in Marie Claire, Ning Chao, it shows that as many as 30 million women in the US goes through the hair loss struggle too. Celebrity stylist Phillip Kingsley says to the Telegraph that the number is even underestimated because most women suffer in silence. One in eight of these women are supposedly under 35 years old.


Hair loss is often associated with being unhealthy, not feminine and unattractive. Some even go as far as comparing it to the loss of a limb. After losing my hair I actually have phantom-ponytail-fixing (yes, I still lift my hands behind my head to tighten my non-existing ponytail 6 months after the hair being gone). However, I rarely talk about my hair loss struggles because it’s just not a sexy topic. When I posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram after having shaved my head (my ponytail was as thin as a straw so I had to get rid of the rest), I got a surprisingly high amount of likes and nice, supportive comments. However, later when I’ve talked to some of my friends who didn’t know the reason for my hair loss, they said they were terrified for my health and was too scared to ask in case something was really, really wrong.


Stop the silence

The feeling of not wanting to talk about your hair loss is very understandable. However, suffering in silence is horrible! The feeling of being completely alone and feeling like you are becoming someone you can’t recognize in the mirror is terrifying.


That is why Girlsoverhair was started. Because I think it would be a relief for millions of women all over the world to be able to talk about their hair loss experience, I want to start the conversation here. Someone has to be the first to speak, and Girlsoverhair will be a platform sharing stories, product recommendations, tips, tricks and inspiration. Female hair loss is not a rare condition, and hopefully Girlsoverhair can contribute to sharing information and making life a tiny bit better for all the girls and women out there going through the hair loss struggle.




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