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January 20, 2016

Suddenly changing your look (unvoluntarily) is difficult. Mostly because you feel totally different and get a shock everytime you pass a mirror. But also because you need to find new ways to look fresh. Here's some tips from some experienced, bold girls with s-t-y-l-e. 


You might not be able to put on some mascara and put your hair in a ponytail anymore. However, you can certainly look just as amazing as you used to, or even better. It is all about feeling yourself (thanks Nicky and Bey). And to feel yourself you need to choose what works for your new look.



Losing hair is no easy experience. You have to make up your mind: put on a hoodie and hide, or put on da sexiest outfit, bring out the best of you and put some lipstick on it? Choose the second option (unless you’re staying in with a bottle of wine and netflix). Hiding because you look different than you used to is not an option. You look different, yes! But you are still that fun, smart, gorgeous girl that you used to be. And you need to let people know that.


First you need to get some serious confidence. Getting to that point however needs some inspiration and ideas. So here is a link to a great blogpost gathering all the best bald and bold beautiful bloggers for you to get inspired!


What did I learn from checking out these beauties?

  • Statement jewellery is a must

  • There are more shades of lipstick than nude

  • A colorful shirt is gorgeous with a good tan

  • Less hair, more legs… Give me that short skirt and get me some high heels!

  • Don’t be afraid to play with your looks. Fake eyelashes, nose ring, transparent top - why not?  


Check out the post here.


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