Well Hello There Thyra

May 20, 2016

Be nice to yourself, be nice to each other - Thyra



Thyra (25) started losing her hair as a little girl, but didn’t really notice it herself until she was 19 and found a spot in the back of her head. After she found the bald spot at 19 they kept coming.


Today, six years later, she calls her bald spots “snuggle spots”. The back of her head is leopard printed. She rocks a shaved head and her beauty tip is to go cray with makeup. Less hair gives room for more makeup. Yes!


Her hair loss has taught her to not take everything so seriously. When she was younger she would be more affected by bad days and the smaller things. Today, she’s learnt to not care so much and be proud of her looks, leopard printed head included.


She thinks the beauty pressure girls are facing is basically shit, and says that if girls would be nicer to themselves and to each other, the world would be a better place.


“Us girls are so good at comparing ourselves to others. Big, small, curvy, fit or not - we are all beautiful in our own way”, Thyra says. Amen!


She doesn’t check blogs or social media for inspiration because she knows how easy it is to start comparing herself to the “perfect” people out there. She’s inspired by art, books and the beauty of real people.


So, cheers to being ourselves - to makeup, to leopard print, to inspiration and being nice.






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