Kine Shows us How to Deal With Hair Loss

April 6, 2016

Kine, a 17-year-old girl from Norway, lost her hair to Alopecia 10 years ago, today she shares her story.






After 10 years of hiding it she decided not to keep her hair loss a secret anymore and posted a photo of herself on Facebook, this time not wearing a wig. She describes the social media reactions as fantastic.


Before she decided to share her story on Facebook, she had only told family and close friends about having Alopecia. The hair loss started at age 7 when she found a little bald spot on the top of her head, growing bigger and bigger. It didn’t take long until it was all gone.


Hair came back after 2 years

After being without hair for two years, it started growing back again. However, it didn’t take long before bald spots reappeared and her new hair was gone again.


Today she is a super fresh and positive teen in her second year of high school. I was curious to find out how she stays so positive, what techniques does she use? Kine tells me honestly that she doesn’t really have many bad days. But whenever she feels a bit down, it helps to just do something. Her tip is to meet friends, go for a walk - anything but sit in your room alone with your thoughts.


Dreaded “coming out” with Alopecia

The real test was when she decided to go public with Alopecia: she was going to post her pic and her story on Facebook for everyone to see. “I was dreading to do it. I thought people would see me as a completely different person, and maybe treat me differently than before”. She decided to go for it anyway, being tired of keeping her hair loss a secret. “I shared my story on Facebook because it was the best way I could reach as many people as possible”, she says.


Dreading sharing her story on FB, it turned out to be a truly positive experience. “The response I got was amazing. People I didn’t even know would comment on my photo!” The FB post now has 66 comments and awesome 274 likes.



No more ponytail: a new tougher Kine

What she misses the most about her hair is being able to make hairstyles: put her hair in a ponytail, make cool braids and up-dos. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much (she’s like the most positive person ever), as she quickly explains how it’s great having the possibility to wear wigs. “It’s fun to be able to experiment and try different styles and colours!” she says. Her Facebook profile sports a super pretty black & white photo of Kine without her hair (it has 137 likes, and TBH I’m jelly, mine has 25).


When asked if the hair loss have changed her, she says that it has made her a much stronger person. She’s gone through some hard times, but dealt with them with support from family, friends and her boyfriend.


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