5 Steps to Using Your Instagram the Right Way

March 16, 2016

Instagram can be inspo heaven or your worst enemy - it all comes down to how you use it. Here’s 5 steps to a better insta-life.



1. Motivating or destructive?

This one is about the girls, the bodies, the bikini pics on the beach and flawless hair, skin, legs you name it. Following super fresh, on-the-beach-everyday-bikini models can definitely crush your self-esteem. Yes, these girls are #summergoals #bodygoals #bikinigoals and #lyfegoals, but do you really feel better about yourself and your life with these constantly popping up in your gram feed? Nope. These accounts are basically bullshit, so: #unfollow. You’ll feel so much better.


2. Comparing yourself to that girl #stressful

We all do it (it’s basically one of the main reasons Instagram exists), but it’s not necessary. What am I talking about? Those girls you know from a few years back, never talk to, but really enjoy comparing your life to. How’s her style? Where does she work? How hot is her boyfriend? How cool are her party pics? Having this girl on insta is basically making your life a competition which is #stresssssful af. So: #unfollow. She won’t even notice.


3. The entertainers

Instagram is so good because you can find your whole life and every awkward moment made into a meme. Memes are the best, and these super funny accounts are made just to make you send them to your friends and LOL at work, so: #follow.


4. The #like-randoms

These people are the best. Your friend’s cousin who you’ve met once at a party who likes literally ALL your grams including the really awkwardly bad ones of food. Yes, they post a bunch of random stuff (which you never like), but they always contribute to your double-digit-like-grams and you need that amount of likes in your life. So: #follow (and hit them with a like once in a while for good karma).


5. The crushes you’re never getting over

If you have a crush, but unfortunately he’s definitely so not into you and you are aware and basically needs to move on, it’s not a good idea to have his pics popping up on your instagram. First of all, you don’t want to be a stalker, second, you’ll never get over him if you keep track of all his moves. And it’s dangerous because you’ll probably end up liking a photo from his vacay in Spain 154 weeks ago and that’s just the worst. So, stay safe and #unfollow.




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