How to be a Girl Who Owns it

March 7, 2016

I meet her in a dark cocktail bar one winter evening to talk about hair loss, her story, tips and how she deals with it all.




One year ago she lost all her hair including eyebrows and lashes to Alopecia, but you can’t tell. Her blond shoulder length hair is flawless, her eyebrows professional and eyelashes long and dark.

Sporting a black outfit with a small leather bag, she looks like one of those trendy girls you want to ask for outfit deets on the subway.


She tells me that it has taken her time, money and lots of testing to find hair, makeup and eyelashes she feels comfortable in. 


However, she seems to enjoy the possibility of changing her hair and talks about the time she saves on showering, how easily fixed her hair is when she can make the hair do the night before and pop it on in the morning before work.


- "will rather be healthy than hairy"


Chemo or cortisone?

She reveals several (a bit shady) treatments I’ve never heard of. Shockingly doctors offered both cortisone shots and chemotherapy to get her hair back. But she is critical to treatment that can harm her body and immune system. She’s decided to skip the treatments, she will rather be healthy than hairy.


Instead she’s done her research and found her own solution, a more long term one: great wigs, fake eyelashes, tattooed eyebrows, good outfits and most importantly, confidence.


She’s also discovered that boys care less about hair than girls might think. Her boyfriend doesn’t care that she lost her hair and thinks she rocks her looks no matter what.


Grams for inspiration

She finds inspiration on Instagram and have sought out the very chicest, hottest girls in the same situation as her. After checking out these Instagrams, you def feel inspired. It’s like there’s no need to worry (and it really isn’t!), because even the hottest chicks are bald, including this girl I just met.


They rock it bald, with wigs of all colours and styles - they are simply happy, fresh and sexy af.


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