The Benefits of Yoga

February 9, 2016

You’ve probably heard it before and also seen a bunch of annoyingly fresh, fit, flexible yogis on insta, however they have a point: yoga is good for you. In so many ways.



Losing hair often comes after a stressful time in your life. Stress, anxiety, depression, anything really, can cause hair loss. It would be great if you could just stop being stressed and just be chill all the time, but life doesn’t really work that way.


Every now and then something big will happen in your life, and it will affect you psychologically. Work, children, family, the Internet, decisions… Life is full of stuff happening.



Yoga is literally magic 

The clue is to learn how to deal with it. How can you live a life full of ups, downs, happiness and sadness and not let it break your mind and body down? One very helpful activity is yoga.


1) Reduces cortisol

Yoga's magic is actually backed up by science. You see, yoga and meditation trigger the body’s relaxation response and lower the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol.


2) Flexi heart rate

Yoga also help increase heart rate variability, which means it helps the body to respond to stress more flexibly.


4) Decrease inflammation and boost immune system

It is actually true: yoga reduces stress, depression, anxiety and increase the feeling of well-being. Among other things, practicing yoga can decrease inflammation, boost immune system function and improve symptoms related to chronic health conditions.


All of this for only 10 min per day! 

And you don’t have to do it all the time, move to India and dedicate your life to hand stands. Just 10 minutes of yoga before bed can improve your sleep. And 10 minutes per day is enough to see improvements both physically and mentally. It’s recommended to do a little bit of yoga often, than lots once in a blue moon.


And luckily, there are plenty yoga types, so you can most likely find something that suits you.


It can be nice to try it out at home first, so here’s one of (probably thousands) of yoga class youtube sessions: Yoga with Adriene. She’s cute, so might help if you find it frustrating and difficult. Good luck, and namasté!






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