4 Steps For a Happier Life

February 4, 2016

Got to love science! Want to become a happier person? Here’s 4 rituals that will help you.




Instagram and Facebook are overloaded with quotes, fitness plans and food supposed to make your life better. Yet, they can’t really be trusted. I think I’m speaking for several others when I say that Insta quotes are the worst. The WORST. I hate them. Stop trying to inspire me, stupid quote-writers.




However, when something is scientifically proved, I might believe it. This article from the Business Insider, explains how 4 easy steps can make you happier, all of them thoroughly explained in a scientific way why it’s supposed to work. If you’re not feeling the long read atm, heres the list of things you should do:


1. If you are feeling down, ask yourself: what am I grateful for?

Explanation: The brain feels better just by searching for things to be happy about. Because ultimately, the brain wants to be happy.


2. Name your feelings! If you are sad, angry or just feeling upset af, it will help to label your feelings. It’s that simple.

Explanation: Labelling your feelings, finding words to describe them is an old meditation tool and also used in mindfulness. Recognizing feelings decrease their impact on you. So NO supressing of feelings, please.


3. Make a decision. Making a decision can reduce worrying and anxiety. Make a good enough decision, don’t try to be perfect.

Explanation: you feel better when you make a decision because it makes your brain feel in control. It also boosts pleasure (read the business insider article for this one, it includes rats and cocaine lol).


4. Touch people. Sounds creepy, but it really isn’t (unless you make it creepy by touching random people you don’t know).

Explanation: A hug, holding hands or getting a massage release hormones in your brain that contributes to your happiness. Touching actually has the same effect as painkillers!

So ladies, ask yourself what you are grateful for, name your feelings, make decisions and give some hugs!





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